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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Updated 2016
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Welcome to Missouri Gun Smoke Kennel. We are a small Kennel located in the suburbs of Kansas City. We raise 13 inch AKC Registered Hunting Beagles, and compete in AKC/SPO/UBGF Trials. My hounds are ran year round, 4 to 5 days a week. They all have hundreds of rabbits shot over them during hunting season. If you ever need a "Grade A" AKC Registered Hunting Beagle, or would like to add  hunt and desire to your line, I have the hounds that can do it. If you would like to talk hounds and hunting please don't hesitate to call anytime.
Thanks for stopping by,
Bob Melcher

My Main Hound
Rocky is 10 years old this year (2016) and still filling my tailgate with rabbits. There will never be a replacement for Rocky. It will be a sad day in the field when he cant join me anymore.
MO-River Little Rocky
Rocky is one of, if not the, finest hound I have ever owned or hunted over.
He is getting up in age but can still run all day, day after day. I harvest hundreds of rabbits over him every year. Rocky throws that same hunt, desire and heart in all his pups. Rocky has also competed in AKC/SPO trials and won his class at Eastern Kansas AKC/SPO Lic trial in 2010.

Some of Rocks early accomplishments:
2010 ARHA Gundog Pack Missouri State Champion
2010 ARHA Gundog Pack SW Regional Champion
2010 ARHA NW Regional 3rd place
2010 Gundog Brace U.S. Championship 5th place
2009 ARHA Gundog Brace Reserve Champion High Point Hound of the Year

 These are my other hounds I am running in 2016
Missouri Gunsmoke Blue Katie

Missouri Gunsmoke Outlaw Rosie

Missouri Gunsmoke Get Down Jackie

These are my two pups I am working with in 2016
Littermates born September 11, 2015
Out of:
Five Star Smokey X Goddards Outlaw Kitty Leroy

Missouri Gunsmoke Jackhammer

 Missouri Gunsmoke Pistol Annie
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Bob and Delores Melcher